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With more than 15 years of experience in Rio de Janeiro fashion, I developed scenography projects and showcases for major events and coordinated the scenotechnical teams for their execution. I worked in the creation and ambiance of restaurants and residences. I created complementary artistic and scenographic objects.

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Juliana Costa
Owner of clothing brand Mikba

"Ivana's consultancy was a milestone for my business.
With unparalleled good taste, great listening power and incredible ability to offer creative solutions, without the need for exorbitant investments, she transformed my store, with easy-to-execute interventions, into a much more welcoming and sophisticated environment. This was reflected both in the perception of my clients and in my income. "

Imagens Deck 139.JPG

Raphael Schuabb Alves

Deck Owner

"Ivana Curi was responsible for the decoration and ambience of my restaurant, the DECK. She has an incredible ability to propose creative and scenographic solutions that are fast, practical and inexpensive. She knows how to take advantage of resources, in the use of materials. When I opened the Deck, customers spoke of the harmony and good taste of the decoration, of the style that is both simple and elegant. In fact, Ivana's work added a lot of value when I transferred the restaurant to invest in other businesses. "


Aydam de Paula

Architect and urbanist

Ivana was my first boss. We carry out a wide variety of works together, from assembling stands, redesigning furniture, objects, virtines and concept stores, and works of visual art. An incredibly resilient, creative and competent professional.
I am grateful to be able to revisit, after 11 years, this very fundamental period of my career and to be able to see that Ivana Curi remains one of my great masters of Design.


Natálya Diório
Executive Direction Fashion Rio / Fashion Business

“His ability to make, create, transform nothing, the air, the garbage, the scrap and whatever he has at his fingertips is brilliant. Everything becomes passion wherever it touches. In all the great events and fashion shows we produce, Ivana was our wild card, she was the one we used all the time to solve all kinds of scenographic, visual issues.
It is the divine part that overflows in his work, in the transformation of the things that embrace and welcome us, that makes us happy. ”


Tiago Bastos


"Ivana was an essential person in my professional training. Our partnership started with sales booths aimed at the fashion market, but soon unfolded for the scenography of institutional events and interior projects and restaurant renovations. Her creativity and aesthetic refinement to find quick, inexpensive solutions with a high visual impact, adding value to the brand at a reduced cost. With it I learned to think outside the box. "

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